Thursday, June 29, 2017

What is Sci-Fi for Chicks?

My book series: Prototype Prison, fits into a niche I call “sci-fi for chicks.”

I borrowed the chick term from “chick-flicks,” and I think most people know they are the movies that women really dig because they are happy ending love stories with a lot of gossipy, emotionally driven drama. Boyfriends and husbands have to sit through chick-flicks to make their loves happy, and it seems to work out fine. A few guys will admit certain chick flicks have a cute quality, especially if they have good comedic characters. Male actors know that's where a lot of their salaries come from.

Anyway, I am not a sci-fi buff so you could say I created the genre for myself. I loved the Star Wars movies of my teen years, and caught one or two Star Trek films, but I really was not the movie goer that wanted everything to revolve around space travel.

I know sci-fi isn't only about space. I have enjoyed a few superhero story lines (X-Men), as well as the supernatural thrillers (the paranorml episodes of X-files), but I have not attended conventions or put on character costumes to celebrate my love of awsome movies.

Perhaps Ghost fits my description. So when I began writing Prototype Prison, it had a little bit of techno-fiction that could almost sound plausible and a lot of relationship attention woven in to the story with a variety of personalities who have diverse talents that became useful while the characters banded together to solve some very serious techno-fiction type crises.

I know most women are fine with science fiction, but here you go, my sci-fi for chicks.

In my next few blog posts I will include some personality evaluations so you can decide if I conveyed their character traits well enough on paper.

Enjoy! Welcome to the Prototype Prison family.

P.S. I came across this link about popular female writers who authored sci-fi hits.  CLICK HERE.

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