Sunday, July 23, 2017

Is Barry Sullivan an Atticus Finch?

We sat down and watched To Kill A Mockingbird on Netflix two weeks ago.  I read the book in 9th grade  for English class.  This was the first time I watched the movie all the way through, so it really awakened my memory banks.  

Gregory Peck brought out the character Atticus Finch in a marvelous way.  Atticus was a quiet man, not feeling the need to always speak out.  I get the feeling that Mr. Finch held back on purpose to avoid looking like a clucking gossiper and that he would save his debates for the court room where it really had to make an impact. 

As for defending a man who was already guilty by his looks and place in society, Atticus knew he was going to be controversial, yelled at, spit upon because no one would really take the time to face the facts of the case.

How does Barry Sullivan seem to be in Prototype Prison?  Is he a Gregory Peck?  I have no photo example of him.  After all, this is a novel and you, the reader, get to form him in your own mind. 

Barry is a soft spoken character, not looking for the limelight.  He likes his privacy.  He likes deep friendships with a few like minded folks.  He loves his family and cherishes the quiet life.

At the end of To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus doesn't need to file the appeal and continue to defend Mr. Robinson because Mr Robinson is shot while running from the sheriff.  This leaves open unanswered questions about Mr. Finch's feelings.  How did he accept not finishing his job and truly defending an innocent man?  Does a lawyer like Atticus Finch ever see justice during his career?  Is their a gaping whole in your being when you know more could have been done?

Up until his adventures in Prototype Prison, Barry Sullivan has no idea how strong he is until the need for survival becomes a necessity for him.  He has a fervent desire to keep his family safe and when push comes to shove, he gets busy.  He learns to uncover this sleeping fighter within his personality. Even his own wife is perplexed by his sense of duty and loyalty until she sees the bigger picture.  

Coming soon......  How is Jillian Sullivan shaped by Barry's situation?

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