Monday, June 19, 2017

Don't Put Off Writing - Get Out of Your Own Way

If you like to write and writing is important to you, do it everyday.  Just write.  I wasted a lot of time these past few years.

I just submitted the final proof of PP3.  It should be available on Amazon tomorrow.

The book was finished November 2016 and then I let it collect dust.

Here were my excuses:

1- This is the boring part.  Rereading and looking for mistakes seems to take longer.

2- I needed a break from looking at my laptop screen.  (a 7 month break? Ugh.  Everyone who read book 1 and book 2 forgot who the characters were and don't remember the plot.  Even my mother said that to me.)

3- The pressure was on to keep the story fresh.  That was my own pressure.  I don't want to show off a poor piece of writing, but I didn't have to procrastinate and make it worse.

4- I told myself I wasn't going to promote the first two books until book 3 was finished.  Well, here is book 3 and if I want anyone to enjoy my story, I have to put myself out there and risk rejection.  This is a fairly passive way to promote.  The book is online.  I'm going straight to the customer.  Once I tell my family about the book, I have to step out of my comfort zone.

5- I'm sure there are millions of undiscovered books out there.  I often tell myself, my books are just more to add to the pile.  Now I have to get out of that kind of thinking.

When I read the last few chapters last night and made some corrections, I realized how much I missed the characters.  I had forgotten some details as the book came to a close and I surprised myself with the twists and turns.

I know most people can read these books in a few days or less, and then it's all over....... (sniff, sniff), If I can get people to talk about the story lines and they start to debate how things will end, well, that's the fun.

Get two or thee of your friends to read together.  I know it will be enjoyable.

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