Monday, June 19, 2017

Do You Talk at the Movies?

I like talking during movies.  Do you?  

I can't help it sometimes.  When I think I know who dunnit, I have to let my neighbor know.  
It's usually a friend.  I won't talk to a stranger in the theatre.  That's inconsiderate.

If you're watching a documentary with a group of friends, do you get into heated discussions about your theories?  Do you often agree or disagree with the film makers thesis?

When you watch a horror flick do you scream out loud:  "Run!"  
"Don't you dare trip and fall!"

Okay, I know you can't disrupt a public place, so how about at home?

If you're watching a crime drama, you can talk with your friends and give your best guess on how the trial will turn out.

If you're on the internet or watching a DVD you can hit pause, hand out snacks,  and break out into a hearty discussion. 

It's even better with a book.  
We can return to the good old fashioned book clubs. 

There's plenty to discuss with Prototype Prison.
The characters each have certain talents that contribute to the plot adventure.
The characters travel to a number of different locations. 
If you know me or my family, you might be able to figure out why I picked certain cities. 

I hope my readers can get together and argue how each book might end. 

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